Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Integrity of Tietjen's character

In No More Parades, Sylvia seems to have her private war that connects with World War so that the two are reflecting human suffering. In my understanding Ford sees the real suffering of the war to be mental rather than physical. There are two things that Tietjens cannot escape from. One is the mental anguish of war. The other is the consequences of his private life. It seems that the public conflict blends in with the private one in No More Parades. For example, Tietjens says when talking about the world " but the thing is to be able to stick to the integrity of your character, whatever earthquake sets the house tumbling over your head" (p.454) In this quote I believe that he means that no matter how difficult things get you always have to be true to yourself and only then one can achieve victory over evil.

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