Saturday, March 31, 2007

Quick Summary of the Characters of No More Parades...

Christopher Tietjens: The last "Tory", Ford's protagonist and perhaps his vision of the 'proper man' : Tietjen's is honest, extremely intelligent and honourable, yet also rigid and unyielding in his sense of ideals and propriety. He is often so 'tight-lipped' that he is mistaken by others as reprehensible and disreputable. His rigid code also makes it easy for characters such as Sylvia to malign him. In No More Parades Tietjen's has rejoined the war and is stationed in France.

Sylvia Tietjens: Tietjen's beautiful and cruel wife who follows Tietjens to France with the sole intent of disrupting his life. Sylvia's sadistic tendencies and obsession with her husband drive her to spread lies about his character and destroy his reputation among his fellow officers.

Major Wilfred Perowne: Sylvia's ex-lover, still desperately infatuated with Sylvia even she is cruel to him. Perowne is a rather pathetic character, spoilt by his mother and a poor officer, he is described by Sylvia as 'a man of hardly any intelligence at all' and is terrified of Tietjens.

General Campion: Tietjen's godfather and military commander, though reputedly a great general he is easily influenced by Sylvia's suggestions and his own rigid code of propriety.

O Nine Morgan: officer who Tietjens refuses to give leave and ultimately dies in Tietjens arms. The 'ghost' of O Nine Morgan is figure who continually haunts Tietjens thoughts.

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